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Gurukripa Career Institute proudly announces Gurukripa Test Series app for students preparing for NEET Examination.

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Previous Year Papers

AIPMT-2010 Paper

AIPMT-2011 Paper

AIPMT-2012 Paper

AIPMT-2013 Paper

AIPMT-2014 Paper

AIPMT-2015 Paper

Re-AIPMT-2015 Paper

NEET-2016 Paper-1

NEET-2016 Paper-2

NEET-2017 Paper

NEET-2018 Paper

NEET-2019 Paper

NEET-2020 Paper (English)

NEET-2020 Paper (Hindi)


NEET Mock Test-1

NEET Mock Test-2

NEET Mock Test-3



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