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Online Test Series

Gurukripa Career Institute Pvt. Ltd. proudly announces Gurukripa Test Series app for students preparing for NEET Examination.


Test Series Available Now

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NEET Mock Test-1

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Download Gurukripa's Diamond Test Series(DTS) {Part-I} Paper

 DTS {Part-1} Paper-1 (07-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-2 (08-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-3 (09-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-4 (10-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-5 (11-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-6 (12-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-7 (13-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-8 (14-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-9 (15-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-10 (16-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-11 (17-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-12 (18-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-13 (19-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-14 (20-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-15 (21-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-16 (22-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-17 (23-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-18 (24-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-19 (25-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-20 (26-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-21 (27-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-22 (28-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-23 (29-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-24 (30-06-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-25 (01-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-26 (02-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-27 (03-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-28 (04-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-29 (05-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-30 (06-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-31 (07-07-2021) Available Now

DTS {Part-1} Paper-32 (08-07-2021) Available Now

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